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Welcome to Dolgellau Heritage. We are dedicated to researching and protecting the historic urban landscape and buildings of our town, and encouraging high standards of planning and architecture where development and improvement take place. We also run a programme of events on the history and architecture of Dolgellau and its surrounding neighbourhood. You can see a summary of the next two below - more information is on our Events page.

The first written record of Dolgellau is in the 11th century. Although none of the early buildings survives, the medieval layout of the town and some buildings from the 17th century do still exist, albeit changed and added to over the centuries (did you know Dolgellau has more listed buildings than any other town in Wales?). Our heritage includes a strong Quaker influence, extending as far as the USA (the most famous women's college, Bryn Mawr, is named after a farm in Dolgellau), a woollen weaving industry that helped clothe our troops at Waterloo, Britain's biggest gold rush and much more. For more information on Dolgellau and its inhabitants the Wikipedia link is a good place to start.

So you can see much about our historic town is fascinating with lots of surprises - our Town Trail leaflet allows you to follow some of the history of our buildings and people as you explore the town. Look at the Town Trail page to obtain a copy of the leaflet.

Our Projects page tells you more about our work in specific areas, for instance the proposals for a flood protection scheme along the river.

Finally, if you want to support us by joining Dolgellau Heritage please use the Membership page.

This site was produced with financial support from the Snowdonia National Park Authority’s Dolgellau Town Heritage Initiative.

Next Event:

Monday 17 November, 2014 - 7.30pm in Rosies (next to Jewellers) - 'Renovating Rosies' with Dylan and Llinos Rowlands of 'Gwin Dylanwad'. Talk and walk to view their new wine premises

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